Tattoo Armpit Pain: Will It Hurt? (Questions Answered)

Tattoos hurt in some way for most people out there (some people more than others). It is the process that you have to go through to get the end result being the great artwork on your body!

Here Is How A Armpit Tattoo Will Hurt:

Everyone knows that an armpit area is a very sensitive area! It is known that out of 10 an armpit tattoo is around the 9. It is categorised as severe on the pain scale.

Also because of the location of the armpit it can take longer to heal up than other parts of the body.

Within this article we are going to discuss armpit tattoos, the pain involved, how safe it is, and how long it will take to heal up when completed. Thanks for the read!

How Bad Does An Armpit Tattoo Hurt?

It will pain a lot to get a tattoo in the armpit area, but it will depend on an individual.

On a scale from 1 to 10, it will be up around nine because it is more likely to experience pain in your body parts with many nerve endings, areas with thin skin, and places close to bones and don’t have much fat.

If you thought the armpit would not experience so much pain when you get a tattoo because there are no bones to be hit, you need to think again.

The armpit is categorized among the body parts that you will experience severe pain to get new tattoos. In fact, when you go for a tattoo, most tattoo artists, if you ask them, will advise you against getting a tattoo on your armpit. It is considered to be more painful than the neck and face region.

Getting a tattoo on your armpit will hurt because those areas experience constant friction and the area does have enclosed spacing. As a result, your new tattoo will take a long to heal fully.

Another reason why your armpit will hurt more when you get a new tattoo is because of the axillary nerve that runs up and down to your arms.

This nerve system connects several nerve endings in your armpit. Therefore, your armpit will be sensitive to painful experiences. Getting a tattoo will make you feel ticklish and have lots of pain.

The presence of lymph nodes in your armpit also makes armpit tattoos hurt a lot.

Therefore, as you get a tattoo on that body part, you are likely not to resist pain because these important nodes help remove harmful substances that enter the body and are more sensitive to pain. The majority of them are found in your arm.

Getting an armpit tattoo can also be hurtful because once lymph nodes get irritation from the sharp object used to ink the tattoo.

They will enlarge because they will be interpreting that the ink used is a foreign object trying to enter your body and needs to remove out of your body. Therefore, the lymph nodes will enlarge, and your tattoo will not heal faster.

Lymph nodes will dispatch immune cells to fight the ink used in your armpit tattoo. As the immune cells transport the tattoo ink back to the lymph node for processing, it enlarges and darkens. It will not be fun to deal with when the lymph nodes become swollen.

They become like tender lumps and are likely to cause sharp pains in your armpits with every movement that you make with your arms. It would be best to get swollen lymph nodes before you consider getting armpit tattoos.

Is It Safe To Tattoo Your Armpits?

Yes, it is. You can get a tattoo on any part of your body.

There is an increase of people getting tattoos around their armpits from the many armpit tattoo uploads popping up on Instagram in recent times. However, you need to know that getting tattoos around your armpit can be a painful experience because of the sensitivity of that area.

Another reason why getting a tattoo in your armpit can be safe is because most tattoo artists are using sanitary tools and facilities. Therefore, chances of you getting infections are minimal.

If you are planning to get a tattoo around your armpit, ensure that you research about an artist to avoid those that use heavy metal-based inks and settle parlours that adhere to universal precautions practices.

Getting a tattoo in your armpit can be safe, but you are advised to avoid those areas if you can because the ink can pigment the lymph nodes that run through your arms.

As a result, it may be problematic to give a false cancer diagnosis. Further, armpit tattoos may be troublesome to you if you have melanoma. Your body lymph nodes will be pigmented and look like metastasis.

What Is The Armpit Tattoo Pain Level?

The pain you will experience when you get an armpit tattoo is a solid nine on a scale of one to ten when measuring pain level.

The pain is high because the location has sensitive glands and lymph nodes. The entire area can take a long to heal because of the friction experiences .that why you are advised against getting an armpit tattoo.

How Long Does It Take For An Armpit Tattoo To Heal?

After getting a new armpit tattoo, it will take about 2 to 3 weeks for the outer skin layer to heal, and with good aftercare, it will take around six months for the skin below your new tattoo to truly heal.

When you get a large tattoo in your armpit, it may take longer to recover, and some factors like forgoing sun protection factor (SPF), picking developing scabs, using lotions containing alcohol content, not moisturizing can slow your healing process.

This is how the healing stages are divided into four different stages. Namely:

(I)Week 1: The first stage when you get a new ink may last from day one and last for six days. Your new tattoo will be bandaged immediately after your tattoo artist has completed the inking process.

By this time, it will now become an open wound. Your body will begin to respond to the injury caused by the piecing and will develop redness, swelling or inflammation, oozing, or a burning sensation.

(II)Week 2: You are likely to experience flaking and itching during this stage, something that should not worry you because it is a natural response.

The ink will remain intact under your armpit even if it may appear like it is shading off. Ensure that even if your tattoo is itching, avoid scratching or picking the scabs developing. Use a proper moisturizer to keep your tattoo skin hydrated and lessen the itching.

(III)Weeks 3 and 4: At this stage, your tattoo’s skin will begin to dry out, and the itchiness will be something of the past. If you experience itchiness or redness, it could indicate that your tattoo is developing an infection.

Your tattoo will appear less vibrant during these weeks, but you don’t need to worry because a layer of dry skin will be forming over your ink area. Resist any urge of picking or scratching because it may lead to scarring your tattoo. This is exfoliating itself.

(IV)Months 2 to 6: At this point, you should be experiencing less or no itching and redness on your tattoo. Your tattoo will start looking like it has fully healed. But it would be best to continue using aftercare products and following the advice given.

Long-term care for your tattoo healing includes keeping your tattoo clean, staying hydrated, and wearing sun-protective clothing.

You can reduce the healing time process of your armpit tattoo by washing it daily with clean, warm water to avoid hurting your skin and opening the pores.

Apply free fragrance ointment to it to help with moisturizing.

Also, don’t re-bandage your new tattoo after removing the initial dressing that your artist did and avoid scratching or picking; it can delay the healing process and cause scarring. Avoid scented products because they may lead to your skin experiencing a reaction when it comes into contact with your skin.

Can You Use Deodorant After An Armpit Tattoo?

Yes, you can, but you need to avoid any kind on your new tattoo for about two weeks. This is because many deodorants in the market contain fragrances and colours.

Their purpose is to ensure that your skin gets a dry outlook, and this can be the worst thing to happen to a tattoo on your body because the whole point of having proper tattoo care is to ensure that your tattoo area is moist.

Deodorants are made with various perfumes to cover odours and ensure that you enjoy a good sense of smell. Whatever different manufacturers use to create those attractive scents can irritate your armpit tattoos. Please keep away from them until your tattoo heals properly.

It would be best to avoid using deodorant containing aluminium potassium phosphates on your new armpit tattoos. The aluminium salts in deodorant are astringents.

Therefore, they constrict the sweat glands and pores and cause you to sweat less. They are not advisable for use on broken skin, and a tattoo is one of them.

It is essential to note that your sweat smells because of the living bacteria found on the skin and skin pores that eat the dead skin cells and sweat ingredients.

When you apply deodorant, the aluminium salts are not conducive for them and will kill most of them. This will disrupt the electron balance in your skin and affect your sweating experience.

And when you don’t sweat, your skin becomes drier, affecting bacteria growth and tattoo healing.

Follow a few recommended special aftercare measures until your tattoo begins to heal before introducing the recommended deodorant by your artist or medical practitioner.

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