Is Dr Pickles Good For Tattoos? (All Answers Revealed)

Dr Pickles is a Australia brand that makes tattoo aftercare and located in Brisbane Australia.

Here Is Why Dr Pickles Is Good For Your Tattoo:

Dr Pickles is widely popular because they use papaya and also Vitamin V5 in their main tattoo balm and is free from any petroleum jelly. These great ingredients will help sooth any irritated skin throughout the healing up process.

We will be talking about in the article how Dr Pickles is good for tattoos, what the balm does for your tattoo, and whether it is a antiseptic, and how long Dr Pickles will last. Thank you.

Is Dr. Pickles Good For Tattoos?

Yes, Dr. Pickles works better, especially for new tattoos. It is formulated for new tattoos. It contains fermented papaya, which works best to give your skin good health and help your tattoo to heal.

Another reason why Dr. Pickles balm works better with new tattoos because it contains D-Panthenol, a nutrient found in the B vitamin family that can help the skin around your tattooed area manage all the negative results and all forms of stress your skin will experience.

The ingredients used in formulating Dr. Pickle’s tattoo don’t have petroleum or parabens, which in most cases can be harmful to your new tattooed area. Therefore, your skin will be safe from such harm caused by these ingredients.

Dr. Pickles also contain coconut oil that has some benefits to the skin, such as reducing inflammation, helping wounds to heal faster, and keeping the skin moisturized.

Additionally, coconut oil is used as a medium known as chain fatty acid with antimicrobial properties. It will help your skin fight all the harmful bacteria that might try to attack your tattooed skin.

What Does Dr. Pickles Tattoo Balm Do?

Dr. Pickle’s tattoo balm is formulated with ingredients that have many benefits to the skin. Therefore, this balm soothes dry, irritated skin and can be used with anyone as it suits all skin types.

When you use Dr. Pickle’s balm around your tattoo, it will form some barrier to protect your tattoo from getting an infection that may penetrate your tattoo.

This is because the formula used has a small amount of beeswax that is key in forming the barrier to the skin, which helps create some cover around your tattoo to prevent infection from getting into your tattoo.

You will protect your new tattoo from getting a bacterial infection when using Dr. Pickle’s balm. It contains some antibacterial properties found in the coconut oil used to manufacture this balm.

These properties act as a natural disinfectant and soothe your skin as you go through the healing process. They will also give your skin free radical protection and block infection around your fresh tattoos.

Applying Dr. Pickle’s tattoos also helps your new tattoos to heal faster, reduce inflammation that may occur, and keep the entire skin area around your tattoo moisturized because of the properties found in the coconut oil used in the manufacturing of this great product.

The skin area around the tattoo or in the tattoo usually experiences challenges if they react with the chemicals contained in the tattoo ink. Dr. Pickles has vitamin B that is key in helping your skin handle all the stress that it may encounter from the reaction around your tattoo.

Dr. Pickles is not greasy. As a result, it gives your skin room to breathe simultaneously, promoting fast and scab-free repairs on your skin while forming healthy cells around the tattooed area for faster healing.

Is Dr. Pickles Tattoo Balm Antiseptic?

Yes, Dr. Pickle’s balm is antiseptic. The manufacturer has used both fresh and fermented pawpaw to make this balm.

Therefore, it is rich in moisture content with natural antiseptic components that build a favourable environment around your new tattoo to heal faster. That is why the most suitable balm for new tattoos is.

This balm also contains hydrated D Panthenol that is very important in giving your skin some vitamin B for skin protection from different challenges.

Therefore, your skin will retain the majority of the original vibrancy it had from the protection it will have from Dr. Pickle’s cover. Additionally, D Panthenol helps in hydrating the skin and sealing the irritating parts. It also promotes healthy cell reproduction around the tattooed area.

Dr. Pickles Tattoo Balm Vs. Bepanthen, Which Is Better?

Dr. Pickle’s tattoo balm is the best to use for your tattoo compared to Bepanthen. Dr. Pickles is made explicitly for new tattoos as an aftercare product. In contrast, Bepanthen was primarily created as a moisturizer against diaper rash.

Another reason why Dr. Pickle’s tattoo balm works better than Bepanthen is that the ingredients used in its formulation are vegan antiseptic to help your new tattoo heal faster without experiencing side effects and healing challenges.

On the other hand,7 out of 11 ingredients used in making Bepanthen can cause unknown side effects to your skin, harm your new tattoo, and cause it not to heal faster.

Ingredients used in formulating Dr. Pickles can make your new tattoo heal faster, remain vibrant, and moisturize the skin area around your tattoo.

On the other hand, Bepanthen can affect your tattoo, and you may experience colour loss on your new ink and peeling of the skin when you start using it on your tattoo.

Dr. Pickles can smoothen your skin and give your tattoo the necessary cover because it has antiseptic properties.

Bepanthen can cause spots and pimples over your tattoos when they are about to heal. It would be best to avoid using Bepanthen and use Dr. Pickles if you want to speed the healing of your new ink.

All the ingredients used by Dr. Pickles make his balm vegan and valuable to the skin. Therefore, it can be applied to all skin types and perfect all kinds of tattoos. In contrast, Bepanthen contains ingredients like paraffin liquid, a non-natural oil. This ingredient cannot be absorbed by the skin and may not add value to your tattoo.

It will make the skin not breathe and prevent moisturization. It may also react with skin for those allergic to certain petroleum products. One needs to read the ingredients faster before buying Bepanthen to avoid a skin reaction.

How Long Does Dr. Pickle’s Tattoo Balm Last?

The premium products used in making Dr. Pickles can last for a long.

You can use this balm for your new tattoo to help them heal faster, moisturize them and provide barriers to prevent infection from attacking your skin. Further, you can use it for your old tattoos; it will serve you better and give them the vibrancy required to appear new.

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