Is Tattoo Goo Any Good? (Quick Guide)

Tattoo goo is natural aftercare that is manufactured in the United States, selling directly and also through tattoo studios since 1998.

Here Is Why Tattoo Goo Is Good:

Yes Tattoo goo is a good natural aftercare balm, made with great ingredients that will help your skin through the healing process. With ingredients including beeswax, vitamin E, cocoa butter, and rosemary leaf, all of these are beneficial for your skin.

Throughout this article we are going to discuss tattoo goo as a brand, how good there aftercare is, whether you can use it on any older tattoos, and the best time to start using the product.

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Is Tattoo Goo Any Good?

Yes, tattoo goo from customer reviews is one of the best aftercare products you can find in the market. It has received a high rating from customers who have used it.

It contains vitamins and other valuable ingredients, which, when you apply to your tattoo, will help your skin during the healing process and protect it from getting an infection.

The difference tattoo goo has compared to other products is that the manufacturer has developed it to prevent your new tattoo from getting an infection and heal burns, scrapes, and cuts.

The manufacturer of tattoo goo has done intensive research to develop a product that has ingredients to prevent your skin when you apply it from experiencing clog on the pores of your skin.

Your skin will also absorb the vitamins found in the products.

From the customer’s experience and testing done, this product will ensure that you get the best recovery. You will also not experience awful itching and gross flaking.

Your tattoos scabs will peel off and your tattoo will remain more vibrant with this product application on your tattoos. It will also help protect your tattoo the entire time during the healing process.

The ingredients that the manufacturer has used to make tattoo goo are all approved by FDA. Therefore, they are all safe and 99%natural, and fragrance-free.

Even the dye added to this product is certified by the D/C Drug and Cosmetic and meets FDA standards. Therefore, this product can be used even by individuals with sensitive skin, not harming them.

Tattoo goo is free from lanolin and petroleum. When applied, these products usually cover the skin and affect the normal breathing process around the tattoo’s skin area. Therefore, they slow down the healing process.

Since this product is free from these ingredients, your tattoos will heal faster compared to when you use products that contain lanolin and petroleum. This product was designed to speed up the healing process of tattoos.

Is Tattoo Goo Aftercare Lotion Good For New Tattoos?

From the test conducted by various certified dermatologists about tattoo goo aftercare products.

The result is positive, and they recommend that this product is excellent to apply to your new tattoo to heal correctly without experiencing complications.

Tattoo Goo is a pharmacist-developed product.

The clinical studies confirm that this aftercare product does not cause inflammation on the skin or cause skin irritation when you apply it to your new tattoos.

New tattoos tend to cause itchy peelies when they develop scabs or heal. Supposing you start to experience some itchy feeling on your new tattoos, tattoo goo aftercare lotion can be your best friend.

When your new tattoos reach the itchy phase when they begin to heal, it would be best to switch to this lotion.

It contains a natural ingredient known as Panthenol, which has moisturizing capabilities to help soothe the itches that your skin will experience. The moisturizer will also enhance the colour of your tattoo and keep it looking fresh all the time.

For your new tattoos, tattoo goo contains vital vitamins that will ensure that your new ink is well protected from healing gracefully and preventing your skin from getting an infection during the healing process.

Tattoo goo has natural ingredients that help to speed up the healing process on your new ink.

You can also use it as an everyday care product to ensure that your new tattoo gets protection to keep the ink from fading and protecting it from sun rays that may drain the moisture in it.

It will replace lost moisture and reduce the pain that you will be experiencing when your tattoo starts to heal or develop complications.

What Does Tattoo Goo Original Do?

Tattoo goo original contains a critical ingredient called lavender oil, which helps your skin when you apply this product to soothe all the itchy and irritation that you will start experiencing when your tattoo begins to heal.

Additionally, lavender oil gives your tattoo a pleasant smell and improves blood circulation.

Vitamin E included in these great products ensures that your skin gets some protective barrier that will aid your new tattoos to heal faster.

Vitamin E also serves as a moisturizer to your skin, and it is excellent for healing tattoos because it gives them some vibrant pigment to look fresh like new.

Cocoa butter is an ingredient included in the production of tattoo goo to help in moisturizing, and it contains anti-oxidants properties.

The high amount of anti-oxidant has significantly helped reduce and prevent stretch marks and scar tissues that may appear on your skin. Therefore, it is a vital ingredient in skin nourishment.

The premium-grade olive oil included in the product manufacturing stage role is to help your skin during the healing process.

It contains wax esters and triglycerides, essential moisturizers to your skin. It can also improve blood circulation and offer a bit of sun protection on your tattoo.

Wheat germ oil helps in skin conditioning, and as a natural soothing in tattoo goo, your tattoo will appear smooth and prevent itchy experience as it heals.

Beeswax is used instead of lanolin products or petroleum jelly, making this product to be 99% natural and meet FDA standards.

Beeswax’s role is to ensure that your skin does not experience irritation or lose the ink color. It also acts as a base to lock in moisture in your skin, which is very important to your new tattoo to prevent inflammation and keep fungi and bacteria away.

Rosemary leaf extract used in the production of tattoo goo act as an anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. It is also rich in vitamin B, iron, and calcium that help reduce pain and promote the renewal of cells.

When Should I Start Using Tattoo Goo?

After getting a new tattoo, six to twelve hours down the line after removing the gauze that was covered and then washing it to remove the dried blood residuals, you can apply a thin layer of your tattoo goo lotion once you have washed it and dried it.

Using a thin layer is essential to help your skin breathe appropriately because a thick layer may prevent breathing and prevent healing. The thin layer of tattoo goo will keep the tattooed parts soft and moderate scabbing.

In the next two to three weeks after getting your new tattoo, you can apply tattoo goo four times daily for a week as the skin starts to heal. It would be best to follow your artist or doctor’s advice regarding the number of times to apply per day.

When you get your favourite ink during the initial stages, you can apply the salve to help dry skin three times a day. It contains lavender oil that will help your skin not experience pain and irritation with fresh wounds.

The olive oil, wheat germ oil, and cocoa butter help improve the moisture content your skin has lost when you go through the tattooing process.

When your tattoo starts to heal and develop itchy peelies, about eight weeks after getting a new tattoo, it would be best to switch from salve to tattoo goo lotion.

This is because the cream contains a natural ingredient called Panthenol that is crucial to help your skin soothe the itchy effects you will be experiencing.

This way, it will prevent you from the temptation of scratching your tattoo to pull off the scabs forming around your skin and eventually remove the ink. It will ensure that your tattoo is healing fully.

Is Tattoo Goo Good For Old Tattoos?

A simple answer is yes. Tattoo goo is one the most recognized aftercare products in the market approved by the FDA.

The product is made with natural ingredients that will moisturize your skin, give your old tattoo some vibrant look, and brighten it to look new.

The product contains about 99% all-natural ingredients, water-based solvent, and is non-greasy. Therefore, your old tattoo will absorb the lotion and remain moisturized.

You can use the product on your old tattoo 1-2 per day to ensure that the ink looks shiny, and it will help the old skin repair itself.

This moisturizer can reinvigorate the colour of your existing old tattoos ink. It is a product you can continue to use for longer since it does not affect even sensitive skin because it has all-natural components that are clinically approved to cause no harm to the skin.

Does Tattoo Goo Expire?

Once you open your tattoo goo, it can last up to 24 months. You can use it for that period on your new tattoos and old ones to make them look vibrant. Each product has a universal symbol that indicates the length of use to recognize that fact.

When the product is not opened for use, it can remain in good service for about two to three years on shelves. It contains Vitamin E, which is a preservative ingredient for this fantastic product.

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