9 Reasons Why Being A Tattoo Artist Is A Good Career

The tattoo industry is one of the biggest in the world. It makes sense to want to become a part of the industry, as nearly every second person has or desires a new tattoo.

So there is always room for new tattoo artists in every country.

Are you considering becoming a tattoo artist as a new career? Here are some facts you should consider first before applying for a course/apprentice.

Is Being A Tattoo Artist A Good Career?

Being a tattoo artist requires a lot of talent and that will earn you a lot of respect and admiration in artistic circles.

If you are looking for a job to showcase that talent in a secure business with flexible hours then becoming a tattoo artist is a great career choice.

There are lots of tattoo studios around, so you won’t struggle to find work if you are good at your craft. And once you secure a job, you should have a steady stream of clients.

Whether you get a job working for somebody else or decide to open your own studio, you should not experience a shortage of customers because tattoos are very popular.

One thing that might seem less great about this career choice is that you will almost definitely have to work unsocial hours because people will want to come in for tattoos at all times of day and night.

If you are fine with working hours that may often differ then you will find working as a tattoo artist rewarding.

You will need a lot of patience when you choose to become a tattoo artist, though. It can take years to properly hone your craft and become a super talented artist, especially because you have to get used to using a needle to create your art if you’ve never done it before.

Working with the public is also something that you need to be okay with going into this career. You may have to deal with difficult customers, or have to put up with denying access to drunk or disorderly people if you are working a late shift.

But don’t worry because the majority of the customers that you’ll meet will be friendly and extremely grateful for your artistry!

To sum up, being a tattoo artist is a good career choice because you’ll have guaranteed work, you’ll be able to gain loyal customers, your hours will be quite flexible, and it is a craft that you can build on to get even better.

The only negatives are related to potentially difficult customers or working some unsocial hours, but those things are the same for careers in lots of industries.

If you are a talented artist and will show dedication to the career then you should absolutely become a tattoo artist!

Do Tattoo Artists Make Good Money?

As with any career, you’ll be able to build up your salary with more time, experience, and opportunities. And tattoo artists definitely make good money!

They make more of a profit if they own their own studio though because a tattoo artist working for someone else has to split the money for each tattoo with the owner.

For example, if a tattoo costs $100, the artist may have to split the money 50/50 with the owner, so each will receive $50.

If you open your own tattoo studio, you’ll need to pay for its products, so you likely won’t make as high a profit as you would like.

But tattoo artists do have the potential to make good money because they get lots of customers regularly and tattoos cost a decent amount of money.

An average hourly wage for a tattoo artist in the US is estimated to be around $29.65. The actual amount that you earn depends on how many hours you do, how many tips you get, and how tattoo studio owners choose to split cash with the artists they hire.

But just remember that with time and effort comes experience, and experienced tattoo artists have the potential to make hundreds of dollars an hour!

Is It Hard To Get A Job As A Tattoo Artist?

Becoming a tattoo artist takes a lot of work because it is such a precise craft and you can’t afford to make mistakes when putting permanent ink onto someone’s body.

It takes years to get really good at using the needle so specifically, but getting plenty of training will help to speed things up so you can get a job. Once you have established your craft, there will be lots of jobs available to you.

Of course, you will need to complete an apprenticeship and then get a tattoo license. Becoming a licensed tattoo artist can take from 1 to 3 years, but you’ll learn a lot while you’re apprenticing under a professional tattooist and you may also be offered a job at the end.

Once you’ve got your license, you’ll be ready for the huge world of work as a professional tattoo artist.

You’ll need to get your foot in the door’ by making some connections in the industry and working constantly on your craft.

This can be done during your apprenticeship while you are still learning, and having some strong connections will open more doors for you because creative industries are usually very competitive.

It may seem slow at first when you are looking for a job, but if you are dedicated and create a professional portfolio, you’ll be in a much better position when it comes to looking for a job.

Utilize social media and other marketing platforms to really showcase your talent and get people interested in your work.

That way, you’ll have lots to show when you’re looking for a job and having some reputable connections, such as from your apprenticeship, will give you the references that you need.

Is It Worth It To Become A Tattoo Artist?

If you are a creative person who is passionate about creating art then it is definitely worth it to become a tattoo artist.

One of the best things about the industry is that, though it is competitive, there is an endless number of customers, so you will always be able to find the right market for your work.

And people always appreciate amazing art and the talented individuals who create it, so you should be able to secure a steady stream of work once licensed.

If you want immediate work and can’t spend years working as an apprentice then it may not be worth it to become a tattoo artist right now.

You need to be able to spend time gathering the necessary experience for this career, so only take the plunge if you are completely sure. Seeing your artistic visions come to life will always be worth it, but you should also prioritize job and salary security.

Can You Tattoo If You Can’t Draw?

The short answer is probably not. You can absolutely work as a copy artist or basic flash artist if you can’t draw, but to be a fully-fledged tattoo artist you need to be good at drawing.

This is because tattoos are permanent pieces of art on people’s skin, so you can’t risk messing up the design, especially if it is a large or intricate tattoo.

But tattooing is a craft, and, as with any craft, you’ll be trained to make you even better.

So, if your drawing skills are average then you might be able to train to become a tattoo artist, but if you cannot draw at all this might not be the career for you.

Can Tattooing Be A Side Job?

Tattooing can definitely be a side job. Lots of people have a side gig to make extra money alongside their regular job, and if you are good at tattooing there is no reason why you can’t do the same.

This is when having a strong portfolio will really benefit you because you’ll be able to attract clients to your side job while working full-time at your regular job.

You’ll still need a license because it is illegal to become a tattoo artist without one, but if you can fit in the apprenticeship alongside your job to achieve the license then you’ll be able to begin your side job.

Try not to overload your schedule if it is a side job because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself or disappoint any clients, and you’ll hopefully be able to gain regular customers to keep your side job going.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Being A Tattoo Artist?

Though being a tattoo artist has plenty of advantages, it also has a few disadvantages.

The main disadvantage goes hand in hand with the biggest advantage because though people will be impressed by the intricacy of your craft, just one mistake may be all it takes to lose a customer.

As previously stated, you can’t afford to make mistakes when putting permanent images onto people’s bodies, and that is a lot of pressure for anyone to work under.

The amount of responsibility can feel like a burden at times too because you can’t relax or stop concentrating until after a tattoo is complete.

You’ll also have to be incredibly careful with all your equipment because you don’t want to receive any complaints about appliances not being properly sanitized. Mistakes like those are enough to get studios shut down, though the majority of artists are super attentive to that.

How Do I Get Good At Tattooing?

The easiest way to get good at any trade is to study it and get good training.

Doing your apprenticeship with a reputable, talented tattoo studio will teach you all that you need to know. Being good at art and building a portfolio will be the foundations, but you’ll know you’re getting good at tattooing the more you work because you’ll be exercising your craft.

Is There A Course You Can Take To Become A Tattoo Artist?

You don’t need to study a degree to become a tattoo artist, but there are online courses that you can take to learn about the industry and how tattoos are done.

You’ll learn lots of essential information that you can then apply to your craft when you begin on-the-job training under another tattooist.

Taking a course will help you learn, but it is not essential for becoming a tattoo artist because most of what you need to know will be taught during training.

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