What Happens To Tattoos When You Gain Weight? (Facts Revealed)

Choosing a area of your body for tattooing is always hard to do, as different areas have different shapes, and will look better for different tattoo designs etc.

Here Is How Your Tattoo Will Change When You Gain Weight:

Your skin will stretch when you gain weight, which will make your tattoo look larger (or distorted). It is always better to get a tattoo when you lose weight not when you gain weight.

Keep in mind that depending on the placement of your tattoo will depend on how much it will stretch with any weight gain. E.g getting a tattoo on the stomach will affect stretching in weight gain more compared to a tattoo on the hand.

We are going to speak about in detail how your tattoo will look when you gain weight, whether being fat will ruin your tattoo, and whether you should get a tattoo before you gain weight or not.

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What Happens To Tattoos When You Gain Weight?

After getting a tattoo, your skin will stretch when you gain weight. This is a natural growth that your body will experience and make your tattoo stretch in the process with your body skin as you gain weight.

This can be a frustrating experience because as your body undergoes some weight gain changes, it can distort the appearance of your tattoo. Even as your body experiences some weight gain, the excellent news is that the short-term changes you will be experiencing may not affect your tattoo in the long term.

As your body experience some weight gain, your skin will experience some natural stretching, so the tattoos on your body around some areas will stretch with the skin.

Although the skin has an elastic quality, it can only experience a certain degree of stretching and shrinking over some time, which may lead to your skin developing stretch marks that might ruin your tattoos.

The effect that weight gain will have on your tattoos will depend on certain independent factors which will affect your tattoos, which include:

(I)The placement area: The area where your tattoos are placed will influence to some degree how your tattoos will stretch. Your body will increase in size as you gain weight. However, not all areas within your body will experience skin stretch. It will only happen in some isolated regions. It would be best to choose carefully the places you want to have tattoos on your body to avoid areas that may be affected by weight gain.

(II)How you gain weight: You may experience weight gain in various ways, such as pregnancy or all of a sudden. Your tattoos will experience little or no distortion at all if the weight gain you encounter is going to be minimal and slow. Your skin will not experience more stretching, which may disturb the ink pigment in your tattoo. However, sudden weight gain to some extend can distort your tattoo. This may happen when you train, and the arrangement of the fibers inside some specific muscles is altered.

When you undergo a dramatic weight gain, it might distort your tattoo in the process as twill increases stretch mark development. These marks form irregular lines on your skin surface and destroy your tattoo ink pigment. Pregnancy may also lead to skin trying in women, especially in the third trimester, and the stretching may alter the tattoos around the stomach.

Does Getting Fat Ruin Tattoos?

Getting fat will ruin your tattoos depending on which area they are placed. Generally, your skin will stretch when your body gains weight due to the many fats. As a result, the tattoos imprinted in certain areas will be affected when stretching occurs.

The degree of tattoo alteration will depend on where your tattoos are located and how much weight you gain. Here is how your tattoo will be affected by weight gain.

(I)Stretching: As you gain weight, the skin where your tattoos are found will be on the stretch. Depending on some factors, the stretching you will experience may or may not make your tattoos look different from their original appearance. How much expansion you will experience will go a long way in affecting your tattoo. When you gain about 10 lbs, your tattoos are unlikely to undergo some more considerable change, but if you gain 40 lbs, the stretching that your skin will go through will start to distort your tattoos.

(II)Strategic Placement: Not all parts in your body as you gain weight will experience stretching. Some places are safe and are the best spots to place tattoos. These areas include the feet and hands. Other parts that may not experience more stretching are the upper chest and collarbone area, and your tattoo will remain as good as new so long you don’t undergo too much weight gain.

(III)Stretch Marks: When you gain more fats, your skin will experience some stretch marks, which may cause more problems with your tattoos. Stretch marks may affect the texture of your skin and lead to the development of pucker and wrinkles, which may significantly distort your tattoos.

What Happens To Arm Tattoos When You Gain Weight?

When you gain weight, for sure, your arms tattoos will be affected. Your arms will develop stretch marks and influence your tattoo design as you gain weight.

Stretching the skin is normal as you gain weight and the muscle around your arms grows. Your skin elasticity will adapt to the changes that your arms and body will be experiencing, and it will adapt to the changes in the muscle shape and density you will be going through.

This will not affect your tattoos significantly not unless you gain so much weight, which causes stretch mark development.

Tattoo change on your arms will be steady as long as the weight gain is not dramatic. In many cases, you will not notice the difference as it will not be visible even to your naked eyes as your skin will adapt to the changes it goes through naturally without altering your tattoos.

Should You Get A Tattoo Before You Gain Weight?

Not necessarily. The appearance of your tattoo will not change when you gain some weight, for your tattoo to experience change due to the weight that your body gains. The weight gain has to be drastic, and your body undergoes an extreme shift that leads to weight gain, which is very rare in many cases.

Your tattoos will only be affected with weight gain when the muscle growth on your skin area where you have tattoos experiences some stretch marks.

Stretch marks, in many cases, will cause damage to the ink of your tattoo. If the change on your muscles is at a moderate speed, you will not notice any difference in your tattoo ink, even with weight gain.

You do not have to worry about your current status to get a spot of new ink. The chances of your tattoo experiencing some change in appearance with weight gain are low. Ensure that you do not experience drastic weight gain at different times, which will affect your tattoos with stretch marks forming.

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