Tattoos and Islam: Is It Allowed (Everything You Need To Know)

Millions of people all around the world get tattoos, and it is the decision of the individual whether they get one or not. It is important for you to do your research before you take any sort of step to get a tattoo.

It states that it is forbidden in the Quaran to have a tattoo. The prophet cursed a women for creating a tattoo as it was changing the work done by Allah the creator.

This is the short answer. We have researched and put together all questions and answers below

Are Tattoos Forbidden In Islam?

Yes, tattoos are forbidden in the Islam religion.

They are considered haram (prohibited), and it is a major sin to have one. The evidence of this according to Islamic teaching must be based on evidence from the Quran and an authentic hadith of the Prophet.

The evidence to support this claim can be seen from the numerous hadith of the Prophet regarding tattoos.

It is documented that the Prophet cursed the women who had tattoos on their bodies’ part and those performing the tattoo art on their fellow women as they are deemed to be trying to seek beautification by changing the work done by Allah in creation.

There is also another story in the book of hadith where it is reported that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did mention Allah’s curse to those who have tattoos on them.

However, there is no ambiguity regarding the ruling of tattoos to Islamic. But, Islamic scholars unanimously agree that tattoos are haram in their religion.

The main reason tattooing body parts is viewed as haram is that the permanent image that one will ink on their body can be anything.

This, as a result, can prevent a devoted member from completing wudu(ablution) or fulfilling Sharks, which is a compulsory obligation of wetting the skin when taking a bath. This will affect their Salah (namaaz) and will be deemed as null.

Can You Pray With A Tattoo In Islam?

Yes, you can pray when you have a tattoo. Praying in Islamic is an obligation, and it takes precedence over anything else, even if you have a tattoo.

Therefore, if you have a tattoo, you need to offer your prayers to your creator; nobody will judge you apart from your creator himself.

A Muslim should fulfill their obligation of praying five times daily. Shaytan advises that you should never stop praying even if you have tattoos because the moment you stop praying because you consider yourself impure, you will always decay.

Tattoos are prohibited, and when you have them, it would be best to remove them at the earliest chance. Further, you can cover your tattoo when going to pray wudhu.

Muslims also need to understand that they might have done all the bad things before they became Muslim, such as getting a tattoo will be forgiven.

This indicates that when a person with a tattoo goes ahead and repents about sinning inking their body part, Allah will listen to their prayer and accept their repentance.

So when you have tattoos on your body, they should not hinder you from praying, but if you can remove them and there is a clear indication that they did not harm your body, please find ways to remove them from your body.

Is There A Punishment For Getting A Tattoo In Islam?

Many devoted Muslims see tattoos as acceptable, and they will go ahead and have one.

However, the majority of Muslims view getting tattoos on their body part as haram.

However, according to Islamic law, when a person intentionally inflicts pain on themselves through any process such as getting a tattoo, it is forbidden as it interferes with God’s creation. Many Muslims will avoid the piercing process to avoid God’s punishment of burning in hell.

There are two main sects in Islam: the Shias and the Sunnis, with different views regarding tattoos.

According to the majority of religious scholars who have studied their practice, the Shias sect such as Syed Sistani and Ali KhTattoos and Islamamenei have permitted tattoo inking.

But, in as much they have allowed it, they have laid some guidelines to be followed by anyone who wants to get a tattoo and which types of permanent tattoos one is allowed to have in the Islamic religion.

On the other hand, according to the majority of their religious scholars, the Sunni sect prohibits anyone from getting a permanent tattoo on their body at all cost.

Where In The Quran Does It Say It Is Haram To Have A Tattoo?

Tattoos are haram, according to the book of Quran.

This statement is documented in the ‘Chapter of Women’ wherein (Surah An-Nisa) from verses 118 to 121 states that Satan(Shaytan) is trying so hard today and night to deceive us so that we may change what Allah took time to create.

When a person engages in getting a tattoo, they have followed Satan’s instruction and have let Satan succeed in convincing them to fall in his plan, which will lead them to the fire of hell.

What Satan has promised is misleading the entire creation of Allah into sin by commanding them into ways that slit the ears of cattle and change the design of their creator when they tattoo themselves, which is sinful.

The refuge of those who fall in hell, where they will not escape death.

Where In The Sira Does It Say It Is Haram To Have A Tattoo?

Islam laws prohibit any Muslim from hurting their body parts. Therefore, tattooing processes are painful experiences when the inking is done to the skin part.

The Quran is clear on obedience when it comes to the messengers of Allah messages.

Therefore, when anyone opposes what they teach, it will lead them to the fire of hell. When a person dislikes the messenger teaching, they are angering Allah, which is a significant is essential that Muslims follow all the actions and to say given by the Prophet (peace be upon him)

According to the narration by Abdullah, the Prophet has indicated that cursed are the women who engaged themselves in tattooing practices and those seeking to be tattooed as well to get beautification and, in the process, change the perfect way that Allah created them.

The Prophet is categorically clear that everyone should be pleased with how Allah created us and shun seeking beautification by getting tattoos.

He further echoes that getting a tattoo is the deception the devil uses to mislead Muslims, eventually leading them to displease Allah. They will experience his punishment of eternal burning in hell.

Where In The Ahadith Does It Say It Is Haram To Have A Tattoo?

Several authentic hadith by the Prophet (peace be upon him) indicates that tattoos for Muslims are forbidden.

According to Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him), he has cursed the ladies who have tattooed their body or those who carry out the tattoo services on others. (Hadith 152) book 77 collected by Sahih al-Bukhari

From narration by Abu Huraira(may Allah be Pleased with whoever). The Prophet (peace be upon him) echoed, “The effect of an evil eye is actual, and he forbid tattooing. (Book 76, Hadith 55)

As narrated by Abu Huraira, A woman was practicing tattooing when she was brought to Umar. Umar stood up and said to her, “I beseech you by Allah, which of you heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) talking about tattooing?

The woman stood up and said she overheard something. When she was asked what she heard, she said the Prophet said, “Do not practice tattooing and don’t go and get tattoos on your body” (Book 77, Hadith 162)

Why Is Piercing Allowed In Islam And Not Tattoos?

Piercing of body parts is not considered haram or halal in Islam. However, it is makruh when done by men.

Women are allowed to do piecing so that they may get themselves to look attractive. On the other hand, tattooing is forbidden because it alters how God created us and changes the skin with the colors used during the tattooing process.

Men who do piercing are cursed. According to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), he states that Allah has cursed any man who is trying to copy whatever women are doing.

The same applies to women who copy what men do. This is because both men and women, according to Islam, have their designated role to play.

According to the Quran, whoever tries to alter Allah’s creation will cast themselves into destruction using their hand (Ar-Rum: 30).

Therefore, any Muslim conscious of Allah’s teaching must refrain from any activity that interferes or alters and even mutilate Allah’s creation. This includes piecing body areas deemed to lead to health hazards and complications such as sensitive body parts like eyelids, tongues, lips and more.

According to some jurists and scholars, the only exception is the piercing of the ear by females.

This is because women use these parts to put on jewellery. And the consideration given for ear piercing compared to other features like lips, tongue and eyelids is that they encounter fewer health hazards.

According to Islam, piecing of the nose or ear lobe does not modify the physiology found in the human body.

Still, tattoo causes permanent change, which at times does involve the inking of images to the body, which Islam prohibits and may lead to significant sins that lead to worshiping those images. These images are haram to keep them on the body and even at home as well.

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