Is Mad Rabbit Good For Tattoos? (All Questions Answered)

Mad Rabbit tattoo aftercare was made famous from appearing on Shark Tank and actually received a deal of $500,000. From this moment on this made the brand very popular worldwide for their aftercare cream.

Here Is Why Mad Rabbit Is Good For Your Tattoo:

Made from all natural ingredients, you can trust this brand to use to help heal up your tattoo. Mad Rabbit also has great customer reviews, sells on Amazon, so this also helps knowing it has worked for other people.

In the remaining parts of this article, I am going to delve into why you should buy a tub of mad rabbit and what benefits it has for your skin. This is my guide to to help you get the best result for your new tattoo.

Is Mad Rabbit Good For Tattoos?

Yes, mad rabbit is a good product for your new and old tattoos. It is made from natural, safe and clean ingredients which are not harmful to tattoos.

When you apply this gel within two weeks after getting a tattoo, it will reduce itching, tissue damage, and scarring from developing.

The natural ingredients used are also effective at applying over the tattoo to alleviate aches and skin irritation that you may feel which generally develop after getting a tattoo.

This product will ensure that your tattoos are preserved for a long time by helping heal.

It also helps in keeping the ink used to remain vibrant. Additionally, it is organic, paraben-free, and non-toxic to keep your skin rejuvenated and smooth all the time.

Can You Use Mad Rabbit On A Fresh Tattoo?

Yes, you can. After getting a fresh tattoo, on the first day, you will not do anything to it.

Still, from the 2nd day until the 14th day, this highly effective product is recommended to treat the scabbing, inevitable itching that may develop and help your fresh tattoo retain most of the vivid colours used.

From the second and third day after getting a new tattoo, you will notice scabs forming as the skin starts to heal.

After washing your tattoo with warm water in the morning and evening, apply a mad rabbit gel on it.

From the 3rd to 6th day, the redness in your tattoo will begin to fade off, and light scabbing will form over your tattoo, continue to wash your tattoo once or twice and apply mad rabbit get on it.

From day 6th to the 14th, the scabs will be hardening and start to flake off. Remember to avoid trying to pull them off with your hand and let them fall off naturally.

Your skin will be very itchy. Use mad rabbit gel to rub it gently on the tattoo areas several times a day to reduce the itch.

From day 15th to the 30th, which are the last stages of the tattoo healing process, most of the big flakes will have disappeared, and the scabs will be gone too.

But you will still be able to see some dead skin. During this stage, your tattoo will still be looking dry and dull. It would be best at this stage to start using mad rabbit tattoo balm until your skin becomes hydrated again.

How Long Does It Take For A Mad Rabbit to work?

When you use mad rabbit well after getting a tattoo, this soothing gel will utilize the natural power of all the ingredients it contains to immediately start reducing scars and all the tissue damaged during the tattooing process within two weeks.

However, you will see actual results daily after every application.

How Often Do You Use Mad Rabbit Aftercare?

After getting a new tattoo, you can apply ad rabbit aftercare daily until it fully heals. But after every use, you will see the result because it is effective on both new and old tattoos.

You can continue to use mad rabbit aftercare balm during the last stage of the healing process to control the dullness and dryness of your tattoo and help the tattoo completely heal within and give it a bright and vivid appearance.

What Are The Mad Rabbit Ingredients In The Tattoo Balm?

Mad rabbit aftercare cream is made of all-natural organic ingredients, which are safe and blend well to give users some soothing, moisturized skin and to protect their tattoo area.

The seven non-toxic ingredients have various benefits. They include:

Beeswax: This ingredient effectively attracts water molecules to help in skin hydration for a prolonged period. Further, it will give rejuvenate your skin looks and prevent you from itching problems and skin sensitivity.

Calendula Oil: This formula helps in creating the protective barrier that allows the skin to keep moisture

Cocoa Butter: This ingredient will offer your skin protection from UV rays and enhance blood flow to your skin. It also helps your skin to heal and regenerate faster.

Calendula Oil: This oil act as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to help your skin heal from various skin-related problems that may develop after getting a tattoo.

Frankincense: Frankincense is another crucial ingredient that helps remove scars, wrinkles, and minor wounds. It has a unique role in mad rabbit tattoo balm to ensure that your skin is reviving and rejuvenating properly.

Lavender Oil: Like Calendula oil, this ingredient also contains anti-inflammatory properties because of the richness and antioxidants.

Sweet Almond Oil: This final ingredient consists of vitamin which is crucial at offering protection against UV rays and keeping your skin cells health in check. Additionally, it keeps the skin’s appearance to be soft and smooth.

What Are The Reviews Like For Mad Rabbit?

Since the mad rabbit tattoo aftercare cream stepped into the market, this aftercare product has become a trusted brand among many users.

This revolutionary product has been marketed as a simple, reliable, and effective tattoo aftercare balm.

The global customer review and ratings from the majority of customers claim that it is authentic and effective. Many customers find this product superior, lain it has a natural solution that enables the tattoo they got a healing process to proceed well holistically.

The brand takes a lot of pride when promoting mad rabbit as an adventurous, individually, and all things good when building this product and selling it to the market.

They could keep it all-natural, simple with production using clean, vegan ingredients, which are highly effective. It is a no-nonsense product. And many customers reviewing it concur with it.

Many customers love mad rabbit packaging. They say the black and white packaging is attractive.

The product they say does not affect them because of the free toxin formula, which is safe for daily application, and you can see results after each application.

Some users claim the cream after use has given their tattoos some eye-popping vibrancy look no matter which ink colour is used. The formula used is non-oily and non-greasy that preserves the body art well.

Does Mad Rabbit Tattoo Protect Against The Sun?

Mad Rabbit makes a separate aftercare that is specially made for the sun. It is made with a SPF 30 which means it will protect your tattoo while out in the hot weather. It is called Mad Rabbit SPF 30.

The main ingredient that provides the sun protection is the zinc oxide which is a natural skin protectant, this ingredient blended with the other ingredients you can use on a daily basis on your tattoo.

A SPF 30 is a great choice if you spend a lot of time out in the outdoors and have your tattoo exposed.

It can be something that you can apply every day which will protect your tattoo and slow the fading process.

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