Hustle Butter and Tattoos: Is It Worth It? (Complete Guide)

Hustle butter is a aftercare company founded in Brooklyn New York, and is a vegan based tattoo aftercare which means it doesn’t have any animal or bee ingredients within the cream.

Here Is Why Hustle Butter Is A Perfect Aftercare For Your Tattoo:

With over 20,000 5 star reviews on Amazon it is a loved aftercare product around the world.

This is for being:

Helps heal your tattoo quickly
Made with natural ingredients
Easy Application

It is always good to use a product that is well known so you can be assured that your tattoo will heal quickly and easily.

This is the short answer. We have put together all questions any purchaser would want to know about Hustle Butter and whether it is for you. Enjoy!

Is Hustle Butter Good For Tattoos?

Hustle Butter (known officially as Hustle Butter Deluxe) is an ointment used for tattoos. It is used as part of tattoo aftercare routines, as well as before and during the tattooing process (called a tattooing glide).

Getting a tattoo is a big procedure that causes pain to the skin, so having a soothing product like Hustle Butter to protect and enrich your skin will make the anticipation and subsequent soreness of a tattoo a bit easier.

You need to care for a tattoo afterwards because it is considered an open wound due to the penetration of the skin by the needle.

Most people use a moisturizer once the tattoo has mostly healed because of the dry skin it causes, But Hustle Butter is a great product for both moisturizing and healing.

You can buy it online or from drugstores at super affordable prices and have it ready for when you get your tattoo.

Hustle Butter has a decent shelf life too once it has been opened.

If you commit to using it regularly to treat your tattoo even after the sore skin has healed, you’ll be able to work your way through the entire tub, which has a fairly lengthy shelf life anyway.

Being able to care for your tattoo every day with a product that prioritizes your healing and comfort before anything else is one of the main reasons why Hustle Butter should be your choice of tattoo aftercare product.

How Long Should You Use Hustle Butter On A New Tattoo?

The average tattoo take about a month to heal, though this does depend on the size and intricacy of the tattoo.

But even after the soreness has gone away, your skin is still working to heal itself entirely after the trauma of needle penetration, so it may be up to 6 months until the area is completely restored.

So, there is no set time limit for how long you should use Hustle Butter on a new tattoo.

You should use Hustle Butter to prevent your tattooed skin from drying up as it heals, and you should continue to apply it after the soreness has gone because the area will become dry and scabbed.

Luckily, Hustle Butter is not a petroleum product, so it won’t cause your tattoo to fade at all. Because of that, you can keep using Hustle Butter for as long as you like.

There is less of a need to use it when your tattoo is completely healed, but if you want to keep the skin smooth and show off your fantastic ink in all its glory, Hustle Butter is perfect.

The most important time to use it is during the healing process though because the benefits will help to ease the achiness you’ll feel and speed up the time you take to heal.

Once fully healed, you can show off your tattoo more safely.

Is Hustle Butter Better Than Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is another ointment that can be used as a moisturizer for tattoos.

However, Aquaphor contains a mineral oil that is extracted from petroleum, so Hustle Butter is the preferable product because it is petroleum-free and won’t block up pores and hinder your skin’s recovery after the tattoo.

Hustle Butter is also less greasy, which makes it easier to massage into your skin.

Due to its thicker consistency, Aquaphor is not as breathable as Hustle Butter, which is bad for tattoos in the process of healing.

Though it has humectant properties which help to lock in moisture, it is easy to apply Aquaphor too thickly, which can counteract the benefits.

With Hustle Butter, the product will be easily absorbed by the skin so that it can get straight to healing the tattoo.

Hustle Butter is one of the top recommended products for tattoo aftercare because it was designed with tender, freshly tattooed skin in mind.

Aquaphor works well to moisturize the skin, but Hustle Butter’s main aim is to heal the skin underneath the tattoo as well as making the ink stand out.

By mending the traumatized skin and reducing inflammation, Hustle Butter will draw all eyes to your tattoo in a good way.

When it comes to price, Hustle Butter may be a tad more expensive, but it is worth it. You only use a little at once, which will allow you to keep using the same tub for a long time.

Being a lighter product also means there is less potential for waste because you’ll likely have to wipe off excess Aquaphor since it goes on quite thickly.

Is Hustle Butter Good For Healing?

The reason that Hustle Butter is so highly recommended for new tattoos is because it is a great healing agent.

The full name of the product is actually Hustle Butter Deluxe Luxury Tattoo Care & Maintenance Cream’, which speaks volumes of how beneficial it is.

It is an excellent way to fight the swelling and inflammation you get after a tattoo, and it does it with only natural ingredients.

Petroleum products are the biggest offenders when it comes to clogging up pores, so choosing an organic, vegan moisturizer like Hustle Butter is the fastest way to protect pores, hydrate the skin, and encourage healing.

You don’t need to apply a lot at all, even if your tattoo is on the larger side. Just a little of this incredible product will go a long way and you’ll notice your tattoo feeling smoother and more soothed after the first application.

The brand also make a foam wash called Hustle Bubbles, which is antimicrobial and a great way to keep your vulnerable skin safe from the growth of harmful microorganisms.

You could choose to use Hustle Bubbles as a cleansing wash and then apply Hustle Butter afterwards to lock in moisture and give your tattoo a shine.

Does Hustle Butter Numb The Skin While Getting Tattooed?

One thing that really makes Hustle Butter unique is that, unlike other tattoo aftercare products, it can be used to work its magic even before you sit down to get your tattoo.

Hustle Butter can be used to numb the pain involved with getting a tattoo if you apply it before and after the tattooing process. You may even be able to pick up a bottle from the tattoo shop.

What Are The Ingredients For Hustle Butter?

All the ingredients used in the Hustle Butter formula are 100% vegan, organic, and cruelty free. Some of the main ingredients are coconut, aloe butter, shea, green tea, and vitamin E.

Vitamin E is excellent for improving the health of your skin, as well as providing more defence against potential infections, shea and aloe butter are fabulous moisturizers, and coconut and green tea contribute to the subtle but pleasant scent to the product, while also fighting inflammation.

Other ingredients include sunflower, rice bran oil, rosemary oleoresin, mango, and mint arvensis essential oil.

While sunflower has its own vitamin E and oxidants to improve the look of skin, rice bran oil promotes hydration, rosemary oleoresin cleanses and encourages healing, mint arvensis oil works as an antiseptic agent, and mango is full of healthy nutrients.

Altogether, this combination of organic ingredients works well to heal tattooed skin while also hydrating it and providing a protective barrier.

The fact that the product has a scent is no issue either because nothing artificial has been added to Hustle Butter, so it won’t irritate your skin at all.

It actually works very well to sooth irritation because it should numb the pain caused by the tattoo needle and reduce the urge to scratch as the skin feels over.

The tropical scents, due to the addition of the essence of papaya, are not overwhelming.

Does Hustle Butter Work On Brightening Older Tattoos?

Hustle Butter really is a product that can be used by anyone with tattoos at any stage.

Of course, tattoos will naturally fade a bit with age, and Hustle Butter is just what you need if that is the case. It works hard to moisturize the area of application, which means that your tattoo will be covered by a healthy glow that attracts attention.

Hustle Butter is also praised as being a rich product, so you can literally see the goodness after you’ve applied it.

Older tattoos may end up looking faded, dull, or dry, but Hustle Butter works to reverse that look by introducing more moisture to the tattoo, which will brighten the colors of the ink and refresh the skin completely.

With just a small application, you can have an older tattoo looking just like new.

By using Hustle Butter as part of a consistent routine, you’ll be able to maximize the benefits every single day.

Petroleum products (such as Vaseline) are believed to cause tattoo ink to fade over time, so relying on Hustle Butter is a much better choice. You’ll be able to keep your tattoo looking fantastic from the day you get it to years in the future thanks to the moisturizing, hydrating, and nutritious properties of Hustle Bustle. Here’s a good article on Vaseline and how the petroleum ingredient is not the best choice for a tattoo.

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