Do UV Tattoos Hurt? (Pros And Cons)

UV tattoos are super popular for their unique glow in the dark feature that normal tattoos don’t have. A great feature if you are out in the dark in a club or a bar at night, your tattoo will light up and look awesome!

Here Is Whether A UV Tattoo Will Hurt Or Not:

A UV tattoo is the same pain threshold as a normal tattoo, the discomfort people experience is the same, and this also depends on the person getting the tattoo. Some people have different pain thresholds generally!

It has been said though that the after effects (the healing part) has more side effects including skin rashes and burning pain than a normal tattoo ink.

In this article we are going to discuss the pros and cons of getting a Uv tattoo, how good/bad they are for you, and whether they will hurt you or not. Stay tuned!

Do UV Tattoos Hurt?

From those who have gotten UV tattoos, their experience is that they have reported that they experience more side effects compared to those that have gone for traditional ink. Some of the side effects they experience include skin rashes, burning pain, and blisters.

The side effects experienced from UV tattoos that hurt most are due to the presence of phosphorus that is found in ink.

This chemical presence will cause some burning sensation in your skin, rashes, blistering, and a lot of pain. There is also some concern that it contributes to cancer to a person who gets the inking.

Reports by some federal agencies also show that even when the chemicals used in the UV ink are removed, you will still experience some adverse side effects on your body which are health risks.

Therefore, it would be best to learn about the success rates when it comes to removing a laser tattoo if you are going to experience some reaction after getting UV tattoos.

Do UV Tattoos Hurt More Than Normal Ink?

Generally, UV tattoos do not hurt more than ordinary ink when the correct ink is used.

UV tattoos inks containing phosphorous in them are the ones that cause many people to experience any side effects than the regular ink, such as rashes, burning pain on their applied area, and blisters as well.

It is essential to know that tattoo artists nowadays have advanced, and they no longer use phosphorus ink to achieve the glowing effect on the tattoo.

Artists use high-quality certified ink for UV tattoos that do not pose any danger to their clients who seek their services. This has led to the glow-in-the-dark tattoos you can go for to be safe, just like other typical tattoos.

Therefore, it is crucial that you be sure that you do not have any skin allergies to the ink used for UV tattoos and that the ink is certified suitable to avoid any danger occurring. Here is a good article on how normal tattoos can be painful.

How Bad Are UV Tattoos?

There is a lot of concern when it comes to getting UV tattoos. Research shows that people who have gone for UV tattoos will experience more side effects than those who have chosen traditional ink.

The chemical used to make UV ink glow will react to UV light and cause skin rashes, infections, and blistering, which are unfamiliar with traditional tattoo ink.

Getting a UV tattoo is also complicated and requires the services of an experienced artist who understand the process so well.

These types of tattoos also cause allergic reactions, blood-borne diseases if your artist uses dirty equipment. Additionally, these tattoos will lead to swelling and some burning when you go for MRI exams. It has also been reported in the UK that UV tattoos have led to breast cancer.

Do UV Tattoos Leave Scars?

Yes, it does. When used for tattoos, the UV ink will be trapped between the skin layers, which will form the tattoo you want.

This sometimes will leave your skin cells to experience some change that you can see as actual scars. The design of the tattoo you choose may be visible on your skin as a scar.

When you get UV tattoos, they will generally become visible under ultraviolet light. The ink used for this type of tattoo is ultraviolet reactive ink. It comes in a different assortment of colors, which will give you your desired endless possibilities.

These types of a tattoo will leave scars on the surface of your skin. Usually, the scars from UV tattoos are visible all the time.

Therefore, before you consider getting these types of tattoos, it would be best to consider these factors before getting one.

The ingredients used in making UV ink tattoos have also been linked to causing severe allergic reactions to many people going for these types of tattoos. The phosphorus found in ink causes rashes and blistering to the skin, which leads to scars developing.

Are UV Tattoos Safe?

Yes, UV tattoos are safe for users who want to get them. They have been popular in the market for party goers for about ten years because they appear vibrant and attractive at night under black light.

Before you get UV tattoos, for safety purposes, ensure that you find a professional tattooing artist who will perform a safe procedure for you.

This type of tattoo is applied the same way as the other regular tattoos but requires a skilful artist to carry it out. It also takes a lot of time to use it.

Another thing that makes this type of tattoo challenging to apply is that it has to be done under a black light to ensure that your artist will apply it correctly.

Further, the ink used is thinner and a lot more challenging to work with than the other regular ink, making it more challenging to work with; it is also harder to come up with a perfect blend of colours.

It is important to note again that the FDA has not authorized UV ink for the tattooing process. The ink has only been approved for use in the agricultural and fishing industries.

Therefore, there are no reliable studies that suggest that using UV ink is safe for human tattoos. It would be best to talk to your artist or medical practitioner first before getting these types of tattoos.

As long as you research and find a tattoo artist who only uses FDA-approved inks, your UV tattoos will be ink from a safe ink. Also, ensure that you are not allergic to various ingredients used in the UV tattoo ink to avoid reaction on your skin.

You will prevent risks such as skin pain, blisters, benign lumps when the ink clump together, tattoo infection, rashes, and itching caused by allergy from the ink ingredients.

Go to an accredited and reputable tattoo artist if you must get UV tattoos. Ensure that you also take good care of your skin during the healing process of your tattoo by following all the aftercare rules.

A good tattooist will guide you through the entire tattooing process like a professional to avoid complications and challenges.

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